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H2O Power Equipment has Colorado’s largest Industrial Pressure Washer Rental Fleet. Our machines are industrial machines and maintained to run at peak performance so you can get your job done fast!

Select from the following industrial grade power cleaning equipment:

Cold Water Pressure Washer 4 GPM at 3000 PSI
LANDA PG 4-3000 Daily $85.00
LANDA PG 4-3000 Weekly $340.00
LANDA PG 4-3000 Monthly $850.00
LANDA PG 4-3000 Weekend $127.50
LANDA PG 4-3000 Half Day $65.00
Hot Water Pressure Washer 3 GPM at 2400 PSI or 4 @ 3000 PSI
LANDA MHC Daily $195.00
LANDA MHC Weekly $780.00
LANDA MHC Monthly $1,950.00
LANDA MHC Weekend $295.00
LANDA MHC Half Day $135.00
Hot Water Pressure Washer 5 GPM at 3500 PSI
Trailer Pkg w/5gpm@3500 psi-Daily $265.00/day
Trailer Pkg w/5gpm@ 3500 psi- Week $1,250.00/week
Trailer Pkg w/5gpm@3500 psi- Month $3,250.00
Trailer Pkg w/5gpm@3500 psi-weekend. $530/weekend
Trailer Pkg. w/5gpm@3500 psi – 1/2 day $225 for 1/2 day
Surface Cleaner attachment $75.00
Water Jet Weekly $290.00
Water Jet Monthly $750.00
Water Jet Weekend $125.00
Water Jet Half Day $60.00

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